When I photograph properties it is critically important for me to think like a buyer. I like to match the photographic representation of the house, to fit the potential buyers “eye” so the images help the Realtor in the selling process.

Beyond the immediate focus of making clear, well composed photos, the images I create for my Realtor clients are created to:

  • Invite prospective buyers in.

  • Create a sense of “larger” space within each room.

  • Capture natural images of the home with the available light.

  • Focus on highlighting the best features of the property. 

Real estate Images-$125

  • 25-40 images delivered of the property/home

  • Downloadable online gallery

  • Delivered within 24 hours from the time of the images captured.

  • Do you need more sample of my work? Message me and I will share an additional gallery with you.