Hi, my name is April and I am very passionate about portrait photography. I have dabbled in other kinds of work, but I always return to my love for taking stunning portraits of people. Often times I will find a beautiful scene and my very first thought will be, "wow, that would be perfect, if it had a person!" While I have everything I could have hope for right at my finger tips; a great husband and  beautiful children,  I am delighted to be able to express my passion for portraiture with you as well.

I truly love coming along side families and being a part of documenting their lives with. Little people delight me, families give me a huge smile, and I love helping seniors put a stamp on this time in their lives. Finally, I love weddings since they are beginning of it all. I would be happy to come along side you in whatever time in your life that you would like to be remembered well and capturing it beautifully.

I look forward to having an incredible time with you where we will have ample time for you or your family to relax together so we can freeze this unique time in your life with still photographs.